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The Ultimate Toothpaste Dispenser




























The Ultimate Toothpaste Dispenser

This is what your family has always wanted but never found. It is finally here after years of research and testing. Inventor Stewart Robertson has designed the most useful and innovative idea to merge your toothpaste and toothbrush into a happy union.
This beautifuly designed toothpaste dispenser is made out of the highest quality components and is finished with high quality chrome. It will make your bathroom the envy of your neighbors. It monts in seconds to any tile, mirror or smooth surface. For other surfaces it comes with easy mounting screws and wall anchors that install in 5 minutes.





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3 panel


Maximize every bit of toothpaste automatically.

Fits most toothpaste tubes up to 8.2 oz


Main Pic

One Touch Operation

  • No more mess
  • No more wasted toothpaste
  • Easy Installation
  • Your kids will love it and so will you! 


Did you make a New

Years Resolution

- To keep the

bathroom clean !

Organize the toothpaste

second pic


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