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The X-Paste Toothpaste Dispenser is the most significant improvement in bathroom efficiency in over 3 decades. In 1982 the disposable upright toothpaste pump dispenser became the hotest thing and since then there has been nothing. The X-Paste is the creation of Scottish entrepreneurial engineer and inventor, Stewart Robertson. For the past three years, he has been researching, developing and perfecting the concept and making it reality. Many products in the past have been marketed which claimed to cut down on clutter and unhygienic mess in the bathroom, In truth, none of them worked very well. Most made things worse and faded away. Stewart takes up the story: ‘I’ve put three years of my life into this project – and a lot longer thinking about how to solve the irritation of crusty toothpaste tubes or dispensers which you have to chuck away when they’re not completely empty. I knew it was an engineering problem, so the secret was in making a super-efficient pump. But people care about the look of their bathrooms so it had to fit into any setting as well as being so simple a child could use it. As I got closer to the solution, I asked my wife and sons and our friends to try out working models. Other people began to get excited too.’

Stewart Roberston has created a toothpaste dispenser which is destined to become a household item in the United States and the World abroad. Each unit is crafted with exacting standards that Stewart demands of his brainchild. The quality and craftsman ship is the highlight of every bathroom it is home to.